Donald Crisp. US 1921.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 12.06.1921

Verleih/Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Produktionsfirma/Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky

Idee/Story: Edward Knoblock
Adaption: Margaret Turnbull
Kamera/Cinematography: Hal Young
Assistant Director: Claude Mitchell


    Kitty Mitchell, secretary to Sir William Rutherford, marries Herbert Seaton, an architect who promises her more than he is able to provide. Finding it increasingly difficult to keep up appearances, Seaton engages in speculation, while his wife, against his wishes, does some secretarial work for Sir William, who sends her a $25 check. To prevent her sashing it, Seaton chages it to read $2,500. After Dawkins, a promoter, obtains the altered check and sashes it, Sir William destroys it, and Kitty, who has left Seaton because of his drinking, attempts to explain matters. Herbert, however, admits the truth, and the couple decide to begin a new life in Canada.