Jack Dillon. US 1921.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 26.06.1921

Produktionsfirma/Production Company:

Vorlage/Based on: Max Brand, »Children of Night« (All Story Weekly Magazine, 22.03-19.04.191, 95, pp. 177-199, 394-413, 629-644; 96, pp. 97-114, 293-308; )
Idee/Scenario: John Montagure
Kamera/Cinematography: George Schneiderman

William Russell (Jerrold Jarvis Jones)
Ruth Renick (Sylvia Ensor)
Lefty Flynn (Alexic Trouvaine)
Ed Burns (Barry Dunbar)
Arthur Thalasso (Vance)
Wilson Hummell (Tankerton)
Helen McGinnis (Anne Mannister)
Edwin Booth Tilton (Mannister, ihr Vater/her father)
Frederick Kirby (Carver)
Herbert Fortier (Zenia)


    Jerrold Jarvis Jones, a lowly shipping clerk, falls asleep on his office stool and has a dream: He is an aggressive, carefully groomed man of the world who welcomes adventure when an attractive girl addresses him as Tourvaine and takes him on an automobile ride. He is taken to a meeting of a secret criminal society known as »Children of the Night« and is mistaken for a new leader who was to arrive from abroad, a role he assumes until exposed. In a series of fights with the crooks, he rescues Sylvia (in real life a secretary in his office) and mingles in the world of high society. Awakening from his dream, he is fired with ambition and astonishes everyone by walking out with the stenographer.

    (Quelle/Source: The American Film Institute Catalog, F2)