William Christy Cabanne. US 1922.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 19.02.1922

Produktionsfirma/Production Company:

Vorlage/Based on: Solita Solano, »The Price of Teythers«
Adaption: Eustace Hale Ball, Loila Brooks
Kamera/Cinematography: William Tuers, Philip Armand
Künstlerische Oberleitung/Art Director: Frank Champury

Harry Morey (Edward Mallory)
Billie Cove (Marion Taylor)
Virginia Lee (Henrietta Greeley)
Diana Allen (Frances Gardener)
James Harrison (Louis Wade)
Macey Harlam (Count Julien de Brisac)
Rose Coghlan (Mrs. Burns)
William Tooker (Dr. Ramsey)
George Fawcett (Mr. Gardener)
Marguerite Courtot (Esther)
Edmund Breese (Inspector Richardson)
Walter Miller (Robert Judson)
Charles Craig (Col. Henry Cartwright)
Clara Bow (Virginia Gardener)
Huntly Gordon (Bruce Forbes)

    Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Marion Taylor, secretary to Edward Mallory, a Wall Street magnate, supports her invalid brother, Tommy, who is ordered to the mountains by his doctor. Marion has resisted her employer's advances, but she resolves to seek his aid. Frances Gardener, daughter of a prominent society couple, is admired by Louis Wade, an old friend, and by Count de Brisac. Wade, intent on making Frances jealous, meets Marion and persuades her to come to the ball in the role of Miss Chandler, a famous belle, agreeing to pay her the $250 needed to send Tommy to the mountains. She is a sensation at the ball; meanwhile, Virginia, Frances' younger sister, who has been forbidden to attend the ball, sends anonymous messages among the guests, telling each that his secret is known. When the lights are extinguished, Mallory is shot. The police suspect Bruce Forbes, but the guilty man proves to be Robert Judson. Mallory recovers, and Marion finds happiness with Forbes and her cured brother, Tommy.

    (Quelle/Source: The American Film Institute Catalog, F2)