US 1922.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 14.01.1922; 14.09.1921 (Premiere Washington)

Produktionsfirma/Production Company: Reol Productions

Vorlage/Based on: Aubrey Bowser, »The Man Who Would Be White« (Publikation nicht nachweisbar / publication undetermined)
Adaption: Aubrey Bowser

George Edward Brown
Edna Morton
Mae Kemp
James Steven
Lawrence Chenault
Mercedes Gilbert
Percy Verwayen

    Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Nelson Holmes, a Negro passing for white who has advanced himself from office boy to the position of general manager of the Brazilian-American Coffee Co., is visited by James Graves, a boyhood friend looking for a job. Nelson agrees to make Graves his private secretary if he will remain quiet about Nelson's true race. Deeply affected by seeing Graves again, Nelson pays a visit to Graves's sister, Elinor, who was his Childhood sweetheart. Elinor receives him coldly, however, angered by his denial of his own people. Graves later protects some valuable contracts from being stolen, and Nelson, extremely grateful for his loyalty, finally informs Weathering, the owner of the coffee company, that he has been passing for white. Weathering assures Nelson that it is the quality and not the colour of a man that counts, and Nelson asks Elinor for her hand in marriage, once again proud to be black.

    (Quelle/Source: The American Film Institute Catalog, F2)