Henry King. US 1925.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 04.05.1925

Verleih/Distributor: Paramount Pictures
Produktionsfirma/Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky

Scenario: Jules Furthman, Beatrice Van
Idee/Story: Arthur Somers Roche
Kamera/Cinematography: Ernest Hallor, William Schurr

Alice Terry (Ellen Linden)
Ernest Gillen (Tom Galloway)
Margarita Fisher (Mrs. Rand)
Lawson Butt (James Rand)
Aggie Herring (Mrs. Galloway)
James Neill (William Linden)
De Sacia Mooers (Mrs. Phillips)
Henry Kolker (Egbert Phillips)
Thelma Morgan (Alice Cartwright)
George Periolat (Robert Cartwright)
Lucille Hutton (Agnes Young)
Arthur Hoyt (Jones)
Malcolm Denny (Lord Brackenridge)


    Ellen Linden returns home from finishing school and discovers that her father has lost his fortune; she is forced to find a job and becomes a secretary in the brokerage firm of Phillips and Rand. Both men are attracted to her: Phillips makes rough advances, and Rand flatters her. Ellen falls in love with Tom Galloway, inventor of a soft drink called »Here's How« in which Ellen attempts to interest the brokers. Phillips later tricks Ellen into spending the night on Rand's yacht, but Mrs. Rand sees to it that Galloway leaves by boat for Hawaii. Ellen is reunited with Galloway on the high seas; Rand agrees to back Galloway's soft drink as his wedding present to the reconciled couple.

    (Quelle/Source: American Film Institue Catalog)