Sam Taylor. US 1927.

Weitere Titel: DAS LADENMÄDCHEN (deutscher Verleihtitel)

Produktion: Mary Pickford Corp.
Verleih: United Artists

Uraufführung: --

Drehbuch: Hope Loring
Vorlage: nach Kathleen Norris, My Best Girl. New York 1927.

Kamera: Charles Rosher, David Kesson (2. Kamera)
Art Director: Jack Schulze
Comedy Construction: Clarence Hennecke

Mary Pickford (Maggie Johnson)
Charles Rogers (Joe Grant)
Sunshine Hart (Ma Johnson)
Lucien Littlefield (Pa Johnson)
Carmelita Geraghty (Liz Johnson)
Hobart Bosworth (Mr. Merrill)
Evelyn Hall (Mrs. Merrll)
Avonne Taylor (Millicent Rogers)
Mack Swain (judge)
Frank Finch Smiles (butler)
William Courtwright (stock clerk)
John Junior (Nick Powell)
Harry Walker (floorwalker)


Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Maggie, a shopgirl in a five-and-ten-cent sotre, falls in love with the owner's son, who gives up his society sweetheart for her. Learning of their affair, the boy's father unsuccessfully tries to buy Maggie off. When she also indicates her willingness to give his son up, the father becomes convinced of her worth and agrees to the marriage.

    (Quelle: AFI Catalog, Vol. F2. New York & London 1971.)