Scott Pembroke, Henry Lehrman. US 1927.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 20.07.1927

Verleih/Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Produktionsfirma/Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Produktion/Production: Harry Cohn

Buch/Screenplay: Robert Lord
Vorlage/Based on: George Frank Worts, »Down With Women«
Kamera/Cinematography: J. O. Taylor

John Bowers (Cliff Coleman)
Jacqueline Logan (Ruth Barton)
Edna Marion (Gertie Long)
Ben Hall (Joe Decker)
William H. Strauss (Mr. Ginsberg)
Templar Saxe,
Kathleen Chambers,
Henry Roquemore


    Clifford Coleman decides that women, because of their excessive concern with perfume and hosiery, are an impediment to business and discharges all his female help. Ruth Barton, the manager's secretary, warns him that once she has left, she will exact a price for any information he needs from her. Later, a buyer closes a deal, adding that he will get his usual »rake-off«, and Coleman is forced to consult Ruth; she forces him to pay $500 to learn that the »rake-off« is a 5-lb. box of candy. Coleman concedes her outwitting him but is unconvinced of her sales abilities until she intercepts a large order and offers it to a rival concern. Ruth agrees to return to work on condition that all the other girls are reinstated, but Coleman refuses - that is, until she tells a female buyer that he discriminates against women. Coleman surrenders and soon discovers that he loves Ruth.

    (Quelle/Source: American Film Institue Catalog)