Clarence Badger. US 1927.


Uraufführung: New York, 19.2.1927

Produktion: Famous Players-Lasky
Verleih: Paramount Pictures

Drehbuch: Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton
Titel: George Marion, Jr.
Vorlage: Elinor Glyn, It. New York 1927.
Adaption: Elinor Glyn
Kamera: H. Kinley Martin

Darsteller: Clara Bow (Betty Lou)
Antonio Moreno (Cyrus Waltham)
William Austin (Monty)
Jacqueline Gadsdon (Adela Van Norman)
Gary Cooper (Zeitungsreporter)
Julia Swayne Gordon (Mr. Van Norman)
Priscilla Bonner (Molly)
Eleanor Lawson (first welfare worker)
Rose Tapley (second welfare worker)
Elinor Glyn

Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Betty Lou and her friends at Waltham Department Store, after discussing Elinor Glyn's story, It, decide that their boss, Cyrus Waltham, has IT. That evening Betty encounters Waltham and his friend, Monty; Monty asks her to dinner, and she chooses the Ritz. He tries to direct her to a secluded table, but she insists on fascinating Cyrus and accomplishes her purpose. When the authorities threaten to take away Molly's baby, Betty claims the child as hers and proves that she can support it. Missunderstanding, Monty tells Waltham of Betty's deceitfulness, and as a result Cyrus snubs her. Betty Appears unexpectedly at Cyrus' yachting party and laughs in his face when he proposes to her. The yacht collides with another boat, and Adela, Cyurus' society fiancée, is thrown overboard. Betty swims to rescue her; Cyrus follows and they make up their differences.

    (Quelle: The American Film Institute Cataloge, Vol. F2. New York und London 1971.