Richard Thorpe. US 1929.

Erstaufführung/First Release: 20.05.1929

Produktionsfirma/Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Produktion/Production: Harry Cohn

Idee/Story: Jack Townley
Dialoge/Dialouge: Frederic Hatton, Fanny Hatton
Titel: Weldon Melick
Kamera/Cinematography: Joseph Wlaker

Künstlerische Oberleitung/Art Director: Harrison Riley Regie-Assistenz/Assistant Director: George Rhein

William Collier, Jr. (Jimmy)
Jacqueline Logan (Joyce)
Edward Hearn (Campbell)
Thelma Todd (Gladys)

    Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Joyce, a beautiful and efficient young secretary in a business office, and Jimmy, a handsome and shiftless stock clerk, are in love, but because of the boy's inability to get ahead, they are forced to postpone marriage. When he loses his job through carelessness, she gets him another, unknown to him. Just as she believes he is about to propose, he asks her to work for him, and hiding her disappointment, she consents. Joyce handles his customers with the tact and ability he lacks, giving the impression that Jimy is doing well, and he soon begins to pursue the night life with his boss's sister, Gladys, neglecting his work and Joyce. Joyce covers for him when he fails to show up for a conference, but he arrives later, upbraids her for usurping his position, and is fired on the spot. Two years later, Jimmy is on the downward path and Joyce is a successful bachelor girl; but through a chance meeting, their old love is revieved and he promises to make himself worthy of her.

    (Quelle: The American Film Institute Catalog, F2)