Lloyd Bacon. US 1930.

Produktion: Warner Brothers Pictures

Drehbuch-Dialoge: Charles Kenyon
Vorlage: Faith Baldwin, The Office Wife. New York 1930.
Kamera: William Rees
Schnitt: George Marsh

Dorothy Mackaill (Anne Murdock)
Lewis Stone (Lawrence Fillows)
Hobart Bosworth (Mr. McGowan)
Blanche Frederici ( Kate Halsey)
Joan Blondell (Catherine Murdock)
Natalie Moorhead (Linda Fellows)
Brooks Benedict (Mr. Jameson)
Dale Fuller (Miss Andrews)
Walter Merrill (Ted O'Hara)


    Lawrence Fellows is a whirling dervish as the head of his own advertising agency, provoking the secret admiration of his 40-year-old secretary, Miss Andrews. The lady begins to suffer from an emotional strain, and Fellows gives her a leave of absence, replacing her with Anne Murdock, a comely young lass who formerly had been merely temporary help. Anne proves to be such a package of charm and wit that Fellows falls for her in a big way, thereby neglecting Linda, his wife. Mrs. Fellows, too, has been involved in an affair, and soon goes to Paris to break the tie that binds. The boss and Anne then merge into a permanent partnership, with the latter retaining all hiring responsibilities for any future girl Friday.

    (Quelle: AIF Catalog, Vol. F2. New York und London 1971)