Busby Berkeley, George Amy. USA 1933.

64 min.; schwarzweiß

Erstaufführung/First Release: 17/7/1933; 30.10.1995 ARD (German TV)

Verleih/Distributor: First National Pictures, Inc.
Produktionsfirma/Production Company: First National Pictures, Inc./Warner Bros.
Produktion/Production: Henry Blanke

Buch/Screenplay: Rian James, Don Mullaly
Vorlage/Based on: Erzählung Customer's Girl von John Francis Larkin
Kamera/Cinematography: Arthur Todd
Musik/Music: Leo F. Forbstein
Schnitt/Editing: George Amy

Loretta Young (Florence Denny)
Lyle Talbot (Danny Drew)
Regis Toomey (Tommy Nelson)
Suzanne Kilborn (Birdie)
Winnie Lightner (Maizee)
Hugh Herbert (Mr. Luther Haines)
Ferdinand Gottschalk (Sol Glass)
Helen Ware (Mrs. Haines)
Harold Waldridge (Office boy)
Tom Dugan (Taxi driver)
Charles Levinson (Mr. Bernstein)
Joseph Cawthorne (Mr. Goran)


    Sol Glass's clothing business is losing sales because the »customer girls«, the women employed to entertain buyers from out of town, are not friendly enough. Salesman Tommy Nelson suggests using stenographers to entertain buyers, who he believes are tired of gold diggers. When his fiancée, Florence Denny, wants to participate in the program, however, Tommy refuses to let her. Birdie, one of the other stenographers, becomes a very successful customer girl, closing many sales, and Tommy, too, succumbs to her charms. One night, when he has a date with Birdie, Tommy suggests that Florence go out with buyer Daniel Drew. She is surprised, but agrees in order to earn a commission for Tommy so that they can afford to get married. She likes Daniel, but is horrified when he expects her to spend the night and flees from his hotel. She has a further blow when her friend, Maizee, reveals Tommy's affair with Birdie. She breaks her engagement, and is now willing to accept Daniel's apology. While he is on the road, Daniel phones and writes and they become friends. Meanwhile, Tommy tells Florence she is acquiring a bad reputation, using that as an excuse to offer her money to get together with him. This encounter convinces Florence to quit her work as a customer girl. Daniel, who is now deeply in love with Florence, returns to town. He asks her help in completing a merger. Although she is disappointed by his request, she agrees and gets the necessary signature, without compromising herself. Daniel, however, does not believe what she did was so innocent, especially when the buyer hints hat she blackmailed him into signing. Convinced that her refusals were just a ploy, Daniel drives her into the country, where he attacks her. She escapes to find Tommy in a taxi, but when she begs him for help, he, too, believes that she is selling herself. Daniel overhears Tommy's accusations and, realizing that Florence is really innocent, makes Tommy apologize. He also begs her forgiveness and asks her to marry him.

    (Quelle/Source: American Film Institute Cataloge, F3 1931-1940)


    Um das Geschäft anzukurbeln, setzt ein Verkaufsleiter seine attraktive Verlobte und Sekretärin zur Kundenbetreuung ein. Als sie einen neuen Verehrer findet, stellen sich die unvermeidlichen Komplikationen ein. Routinierte Liebeskomödie, die ohne sonderliche inszenatorische Glanzlichter unterhält.

    (Quelle/Source: Lexikon des internationalen Films 2000/2001, Copyright 2000)