Gregory La Cava. USA 1935.


85 min. - schwarzweiß

Verleih: Columbia Pictures Corp.
Erstaufführung: 19/9/1935; 26.7.1973 ARD (German TV)
Produktionsfirma: Columbia Pictures Corp.

Drehbuch: Sidney Buchman
Vorlage: nach einer Erzählung von Thyra Samter Winslow

Kamera: Leon Shamroy
Schnitt: Richard Cahoon

Claudette Colbert (Julia Scott)
Melvyn Douglas (Richard Barclay)
Michael Bartlett (Leonard Rogers)
Raymond Walburn (Franklyn)
Edith Fellows (Annabel Barclay)
Jean Dixon (Martha Pryor)
Katherine Alexander (Gertrude Barclay)
Clara Kimball Young (Parsons)
Grace Hale (Agnes Mayo)
Charles E. Arnt (Victor Jessup)

Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    Julia Scott is the executive secretary to Richard Barclay, owner of Barclay's Department Store in New York City. Though Julia has been in love with her divorced boss for over six years, he only knows her as his efficient right-hand »man«. Julia's friend, Martha Pryor, offers her a dream job working in Paris, France, but Julia turns it down in deference to her unrequited love for Richard. Julia decides to proclaim her feelings to Richard that night, as the two decide to work late at the Barclay home. There, Julia fins Richard's hysterical sister Gertrude, his overwrought daughter Annabel, and a house full of dishonest servants. Richard decides to put Julia in charge of the house, and she quickly fires the servants and gives Annabel a long-deserved spanking. The next day, Julia discovers that Martha has gone to Richard and told him that Julia has taken the Paris job. Richard confronts Julia, who tells him that she wants to go to Paris to seek a husband, as marriage is »a woman's real career«" Later that same day, the Barclay office is in an uproar over the sudden, unexpected marriage of Richard and Julia. Their marriage is taken even harder by the Barclay women, both of whom are outraged at Julia's arrival in their home. Gertrude flatly tells Julia that she is against the marriage, because Julia is not of their social class, as was Richard's first wife. Julia is unfazed by this until her wedding night, when she learns that Richard sees her more as a business partner than a wife. The next morning, Julia decides not to go in to the office, as she wishes to make her mark on the Barclay home instead. Without her, Richard's office i in chaos, and Julia does little better at home. Martha arrives at the Barclay home with Leonard Rogers, a playboy who has just sold his department store in Philadelphia to Richard. Leonard sets his marks on the unkissed Julia, using Annabel as his bait. When Richard arrives home, he finds Julia, Leonard and Annabel singing together and becomes upset. He tells Julia that he doesn't think their marriage is working out, as she seems to be like »every other female«, seeking love and romance, instead of work and companionship. Julia tells him that she made the mistake of reading a book about being a wife, and that she will return to the office the next day. Instead of returning to the office, however, Julia heads to Philadelphia to manage the reorganization of the Rogers store. In tow behind her is Leonard, who knows that his prey is unhappy in love. After two weeks of intense work, Julia has the Philadelphia store in shape, only to learn that Richard hasn't missed her at all, as he tells her to take her time in returning home. That night, Julia agrees to go out with Leonard, and the two end up drunk in a display window of the department store. The night watchman allows two newspaper photographers to photograph the couple, and the next day their photograph is front page news. Richard arrives in Philadelphia, originally intending to bring Julia back to New York, but he instead chastises her for her behavior with Leonard, stating that he does not deal » in second material« Julia tells Richard that she has loved him for six years, but not any more, as he is only capable of loving a store, not a woman. Richard returns home and gets drunk that evening with his butler, Franklyn. Julia arrives at the Barclay home, and announces that she is going to sail away with Leonard. The now-drunken Richard abducts his wife and takes her to his department store, where he throws bricks into the display windows. Julia joins in the demolition until the police arrive. Now knowing that Richard really loves her, Julia and her husband take Leonard's boat tickets and head for their long-awaited honeymoon.

    (Quelle/Source: American Film Institute Cataloge, F3 1931-1940)


    Die Schwierigkeiten zwischen einem Warenhausbesitzer und seiner ehemaligen Sekretärin und jetzigen Ehefrau. Er glaubt, sein Leben wie bisher weiterführen zu können, was jedoch gar nicht im Sinne seiner Frau ist. Sie bringt die Dinge auf ihre Weise ins Lot und erlebt dabei manche Überraschung. Eine etwas dünnblütige Hollywoodkomödie mit sympathischen Darstellern.

    (Quelle: Lexikon des internationalen Films 2000/2001; Copyright 2000 Net World Vision GmbH, München)