TV-Series US 1953-1957; Runtime: 30 min

Weitere Titel/Also known as: SUSIE (1953)

Produktion/Production: Jack Chertok

Drehbuch/Screenplay: Jerry Adelman, Leonard Gershe, Curtis Kenyon, Tom Seller
Kamera/Cinematography: Robert Pittack
Musik/Music: Mahlon Merrick, Al Sack

Ann Sothern (Susan Camille MacNamara)
Don Porter (Peter Sands)
Ann Tyrrell (Vi Praskins)
Jesse White ('Cagey' Calhoun)
Joan Banks (Sylvia Platt)

Inhalt und Kurzkritik:

    In this early 1950's sitcom, the bright and vivacious Ann Sothern played Susie McNamara, devoted secretary to handsome talent agent Peter Sands(Don Porter) who had a talent for getting into zany scrapes. Susie's honest, good-natured attempts to help Mr. Sands usually led to further complications which provided the program's most comical moments.